What Parents Say About HypnoBirthing®

“I found Kadie by chance and she has made it easier to prepare for the birth of our child. This is our first child and with all the information available on the internet and via family and friends, we were lost. The 5-week course with Kadie provided much needed clarity and confidence about the birth of our child. She covers a wide range of topics from HypnoBirth to preparing your hospital bag to postpartum care. I highly recommend this!”
“My partner and I took the 5 week class and learned so much. Our instructor, Kadie, was incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and thought-provoking. I am feeling much more prepared for birth and labor from the techniques we learned in class.”

“We did hypnobirthing in preparation of welcoming our first little one into the world and had the best experience. Not only was it informational about the process of birth, but gave us so many wonderful tools to tap into when the time comes. It was so bonding for my partner and I to practice and attend classes together. Kadie was an excellent teacher and so wonderfully supportive of each family’s journey, however that looked. Given that classes are on zoom, as new parents, it was really nice to see the same families over multiple weeks and get to bond with them even over zoom. It definitely eased some of our pre baby anxiety and gave us more confidence going into our birthing day. Could not recommend more highly!”

“We attended Kadie’s 5 week Hypnobirthing course. We went into the class not having much knowledge about the concept and had no idea how helpful and effective the tools we were taught would be for us. Kadie is an excellent instructor, with a knowledgeable and calming presence, and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole class. She went above and beyond to reach out to us beyond the established class times when our birthing story took a different turn. We felt prepared and at peace when it came time for delivery, and this is directly attributed to the education and skills we learned from this course. A unexpected highlight of this course was how equally beneficial it was for my husband as well as myself. We highly recommend this to anyone (& their partner) navigating the pregnancy journey and wanting to feel empowered and prepared when it comes to their birth. Thank you Kadie and Portland Hypnobirthing for everything you have done for us!

“Kadie was an amazing instructor, and truly went above and beyond to help us prepare for a smooth birth. She took time for 1:1 session with me outside of the course that made a big difference for my birthing experience. After learning hypnobirthing, we wound up with a smooth 13 hour labour, without an epidural and with a body that is healing quickly.”

“HypnoBirthing class lived up to my very high expectations. I am not someone who is comfortable with new age teachings, and I found the majority of the instruction to be based in science and approachable to me regardless. I am excited to experience my labor because of the confidence I have gained in this class.”

“It was wonderful to be with other expectant parents and share concerns and stories. The HypnoBirthing setting provided my partner and I the opportunity to feel safe sharing our experiences and we both gained a lot of knowledgeable information from the instructor and the resources available from the program.”

“My partner and I enjoyed our HypnoBirthing class as a bonding experience within our relationship and with our unborn child. It helped to release worries about Birthing and normalized the experience. Before I took the classes I was filled with worry about the things that “could” go wrong. By taking this class I was able to release those worries and focus on my relationship with my body, my baby, and relaxation.”

“I would highly recommend taking a HypnoBirthing class. The book dwells on the author/founder’s fears and baggage quite a bit, but the class is focused on the scientific foundations of the method and the birthing couple’s experience which provided a much greater benefit. I would not recommend the book without the class.”

“Kadie provided a warm and welcoming Hypnobirthing class. As first time parents, we were eager to lean and felt that any and all questions were relevant and safe. We both enjoyed interacting with the other parents and felt like Kadie used the best tools in her toolbox. I would definitely take it again!”

“This is a wonderful, relaxing, confidence-building birth class. It is definitely helping us prepare for the birth, and has reframed our thinking about birth in a very positive way.”

“I think if couples are looking to have a fear-free birthing course but still want practical information in a cozy, supportive environment… then this course is a great choice!”

“I thought the classes were very thorough and easily understood. There was a lot of information, but plenty of time to ask questions. We were allowed to sit in almost any position using chairs, mats, birth balls and pillows. It was reassuring to start each class off with watching a normal hypnobirth to reprogram our brain to make birth “normal” again, instead of traumatic. I feel much more prepared now for the birthing experience.”